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YACHT CHARTERS & HOTEL BARGES NEWSLETTER: January 2015 Paradise Connections

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January-February 2015 - Paradise Connections Yacht Charters

Happy New Year 2015
 Come on down to sail in the Caribbean islands and leave your winter woolies behind.

We also have all-inclusive, crewed, boutique hotel barges for those who would like to experience a special water-based vacation along the canals of Europe.

Don't you deserve a break? Tell us about it !

Special Offers / Discounts: Crewed Yacht Charters

Here is a selection of current special offers on crewed Caribbean charter yachts. The special offers / discounts  include time-specific and other discounts... Check it out!
Updated : February 16, 2015

Special Offers / Discounts:  2015 Barging Cruises

We have some excellent special offers lined up for 2015 aboard luxury, crewed hotel barges in France, Holland, England, Scotland, Ireland, and Italy. We hope you can take advantage of these special barging cruise dates.
Updated: March 1, 2015

Charter Comments: Sea Witch, Christmas Charter 2014

We just received comments back from Sea Witch's Christmas charter and would like to share them with you. READ MORE...

Posted : February 15, 2015

Charter yacht Anahita in Croatia /Turkey - Lower Rates

Bijan has decided to LOWER his rates for charters out of Montenegro and sailing along the coasts of Croatia and Turkey this season.. READ MORE...

Posted : February 14, 2015

m/y Satisfaction

We welcome the motor 56-foot motor yacht, Satisfaction, to the Caribbean crewed charter fleet. Crewed by Rik & Ann, former owner-operators of the charter yacht Sandcastle. READ MORE...

Posted : January 24, 2015

Photo by charter yacht Drumbeat
Warning: Price increases coming

We have been informed that many crewed charter yachts will be increasing their rates on 1st February. Please book soon to take advantage of current prices. READ MORE...

Posted : January 20, 2015

Cabin Cruise Week, Trimaran Promenade

Promenade currently has 2 cabins open for their cabin cruise week of February 21-28, 2015. This is a great way to experience a charter on Promenade without having to get a group together. Great price, too. READ MORE...

Posted : December 28, 2014

Charter Catamaran Blue Moon L56: Special Offer 

Book the 56-foot Lagoon catamaran Blue Moon and save over $1000 on charters taking place before July 27, 2015. READ MORE...

Posted : January 9, 2015

Charter Yacht Pacific Wave: 2 special offers

Pacific Wave has two interesting specials: Buy one get one free, and discounted rates through the end of April . READ MORE...

Posted : December 18, 2014

Welcome Catamaran Starfish

We welcome the Catamaran Starfish to the Caribbean Yacht Charter fleet. READ MORE...

Posted : September 19, 2014

Catamaran Pisces' Recipe

Louise Langello, the chef aboard the charter catamaran Pisces, won the culinary contest at the November 2014 VICL Fall Yacht Charter Show in St Thomas with her recipe: Grand Marnier Spoons. READ MORE...

Posted :December 31 2014

Love City Country Music Festival, St John USVI May 2015

Have you heard that there is a country music event coming to St. John, USVI? Would you like to join in the fun? An excellent way to participate would be to incorporate it with a sailing vacation! READ MORE...

Posted : January 3, 2014

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Here are some highlights from our January-February Barging Newsletter:

Updated: February 23, 2015

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